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The most powerful way to fly private

Introducing Invictus

The Invictus Partnership is not a jet card, fractional ownership, or traditional ownership. It is a new and highly exclusive way to fly. It’s a tailor made program designed for those that treasure life’s ultimate purpose. To save time.




less empty legs


More efficient
than a jetcard


Less costs

With guaranteed availability, our refundable fixed-rate partnership gives you comfort of knowing you’ll have an aircraft every time you need it at a price you can count on. We guarantee that no surcharges will be added to the cost of flights on the busiest travel days of the year which allows you to accurately budget for your private aviation expenditures without worrying about the charter market volatility.

Clients fly with us again and again, which allows our team to learn your preferences, deliver a consistent experience, and find creative ways to impress passengers.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Gabriel Madrid
Founder and CEO


Our tailored


INVICTUS provides you the benefits of aircraft ownership without the high fixed expenses and hidden costs associated with traditional charters. With access to a private fleet, you can enjoy the advantages of ownership without the financial commitment or risk of asset depreciation. 

How Invictus works

Like a jet card but easier

Our refundable fixed-rate INVICTUS partnership offers you the peace of mind of guaranteed availability of aircraft whenever you need it, at a price that you can rely on. With this partnership, you can rest assured that you will have access to an aircraft every time you require it. Additionally, we ensure that no surcharges will be added to the cost of flights during the busiest travel days of the year. This feature enables you to accurately budget for your private aviation expenses, without worrying about the volatility of the charter market. Overall, our partnership guarantees you a reliable, cost-effective, and stress-free private aviation experience.

Guaranteed Availability

We guarantee availability on or off-fleet anywhere around the world at our provided fixed rates

Up to 24 hours notice

We offer flexible last minute
booking opportunities without paying penalty fees.

No Fuel Surcharges

Our rates are truly all Inclusive. Never pay for repositioning or unreasonable fuel surcharges

Opt-Out Anytime

We offer the most flexible
cancellation terms in the Industry.

No Change Fee for Upgrades

Choose an aircraft based on
your flight requirements

24/7 Concierge

Offices in the US, Latin
America, Europe, Middle East and
East Asia to provide you a 24/7 support

Booking & Analytics Platform

Best In-class app and platform
to manage all your flight details.

Argus & IS-BAO Safety Rated

Safety Is our priority. We research
and evaluate every stakeholder
through ARGUS & IS-BAO

Getting Started

A Seamless Onboarding

We have meticulously developed the model to be completely flexible, dynamic, and available around the clock, worldwide.


Here for you

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